What is the goal of Mission Partners Network Forum?

The goal of the Forum is to equip missionary organisations in Europe to help each other and their staff reach 100% funding so that Great Commission could be fulfilled and all nations could hear and be able to respond to the Gospel.

Who should attend?

The Forum is designed to serve participants from different organisations in their various roles, whether having more or less experience in support raising, who are looking to exchange their experience with others.

The participants should be equippers such as leaders, trainers and coaches who help others to build their teams of partners. The Forum is also for leaders who are involved in policy making. It is recommended that the participants come with two or three colleagues and that they have previously completed a basic MPD training offered by one of the network organisations.

How do I pay for the Forum?

Please read the information on the page “Register”.

Is there a registration deadline?

We accept new registrations until 30th April. But please note that in order to receive the welcome package via post, you need to register before 20th March.

Who is organising the Forum?

The Mission Partners Network Forums is an initiative of Agape Europe. The 2021 Forum is organised in partnership with key leaders from The Navigators, YWAM, Ambassadors Football, Finnish Lutheran Mission, Operation Mobilisation and Fusion.

Has the Forum taken place before?

The first ever Mission Partners Network Forum was held in 2018 and gathered together close to 100 participants (as the number of attendees is limited) from 26 different organisations representing 23 nations.

"I have learned that what I could do in my organisation is what I experienced here this week – consistently go back to the Bible, over coffee and meetings keep reinforcing the Word of God, and asking questions so that they think MPD will be their idea."